Whether it is an adrenaline-pumping sequence in an action series or a tear-inducing scene from a soppy, romantic movie, watching shows on the television is a great deal more than merely a viewing experience; in fact, it is a holistic activity which requires the engagement of practically all of your senses. With the most recent collection of televisions from BRAVIA, you are now equipped with the capacity to experience an authentic revolution where sensory perception is concerned. From advanced technological features to pictures that are lifelike and pulls you into the moment, these features go a long way to blur the line between the viewer and the action that is taking place in the show that is being watched.

The BRAVIA televisions are designed to broaden your horizons and they use innovation to engage your senses, which greatly enhances the viewing experience. The 40-inch BX400 Series is pretty much simplicity at its finest. All that is required of you is to click on the television, relax, take in the pleasure and be entertained. The key features and sleek design makes this television a valuable addition to your home. Some of its incredible features are listed below:

Live Color™

Equipped with an image processor which uses a specially developed algorithm, Live Color™ has the capacity to reproduce tremendously vivid colors. With four available settings that can be adjusted by users, you can decide on just how vivid you would like the images to look. Whether it is a bright and beautiful yellow flower, a radiant blue sky or a nicely manicured lawn that is lush and green, everything is more brilliant and noticeable with Live Color.

BRAVIA Engine 3

The processing engine is the main factor that determines the quality of the picture in LCD televisions. BRAVIA Engine 3 reproduces images with amazing clarity, superior colors and higher contrast and it is a high-definition video processor.

Best of all, the high quality images can be enjoyed by the viewer regardless if the source is in High Definition (HD) or Standard Definition (SD).

Full HD 1080

Full HD quality will ensure that you do not miss a single thing. From the brightest color to the smallest detail, everything seems a great deal more lifelike and clearer for an experience that is truly immersive.

In addition, full HD 1080 provides a number of HD source options; including your PS3, HD Cyber-shot digital cameras, HD Handy-cam camcorders, Blu-ray Disc players and HD broadcasting. All of these make it a great deal easier to have the benefit of high-quality images.

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