The perfect entertainment system is the key to movie, tv, sports watching or video gaming experience. I am honestly surprised at the number of people out there who think that a movie is just a movie no matter how you are viewing it.

How wrong that is. And how simple it is to set up a great entertainment system in your apartment.

There are a number of key elements that you will need to keep in mind when setting up the perfect entertainment system. Check this before you start to put together the pieces:

1) TV- Naturally this is the most important element of an amazing entertainment system and with the advancements in technology, really great flat panel televisions are becoming must easier on the bank account. When comparing TV’s it’s important to remember one thing: It’s not necessarily the size that matters, it’s the quality. Remember that you are setting up an entertainment center in your apartment, so a huge TV may not be the way to go because it might end up being like sitting in the front row of the movies. Ouch.

Whichever TV you decide upon make sure that it is HD, has audio outputs, and multiple component inputs(this is important for hooking everything up with ease.)

2) Sound System- Arguably the second most important element of a complete entertainment system is a surround sound system. It isn’t entirely necessary to blow your budget here, so do some shopping around, test out some systems, and get the word on the street. Then make your purchase accordingly. You’ll want to make sure that the main receiver has a few separate inputs too.

If you want to go ALL OUT in your sound system, look into wireless speakers that operate off of bluetooth technology. These are really sweet! You can even get headphones for these systems so that you can watch TV at whatever level you wish, while your roommates are sleeping because only you will be hearing it. Just be careful of your ear drums/

3) Game System or DVD player– You’ll also need a great gaming system to have a well rounded system. If you aren’t an avid game player, that’s okay…one or several of the many guests that you’ll be having over will be. Even so, the Play Station 3 and the Xbox 360 both serve as DVD players and full multimedia systems. You can store all of your music, video files, and pictures from your computer and showcase them all for everyones pleasure on your entertainment system. The PS3 even plays Blu-ray as well! It’s awesome.

But…if you really want to skimp on the game system, you will still need something to play DVD’s from…so be sure to pick up a DVD player. I would suggest avoiding HD-DVD systems and go Blu-Ray…and if you go Blu-Ray…you might as well spend the extra $100 for a PS3! Ha! It’s a vicious cycle.

4) Entertainment Center– So what are you storing all of this stuff in? I’ll tell you. A really awesome entertainment center or TV stand that looks sleek and can store everything while concealing all your wires. Housing your equipment is just as important as having it.

5) Something To Rest Your Butt On– Whether it’s a chair or a couch, you will need an awesome sit upon that is very comfortable while you enjoy your sweet system. This element often goes overlooked and you may be watching I Am Legend in Blu-Ray with surround sound on a high quality TV, but having to constantly shift because your butt is falling asleep. If you wanted that, you’d have gone to the movie theatre. Am I right or am I right? So be sure to get yourself comfy furniture to round everything out.

There are a number of other miscellaneous odds and ends that can help you out in completing and customizing your perfect entertainment system, but those 5 are the important ones.

Not that I am advocating anyone ever getting into debt by any means, but there are a ton of “big box” shops out there that will offer no interest financing on all of these items for certain periods of time. If you do this…make sure you have it paid off by the end of the promotion period, otherwise they will hit you with all of the back interest at a ridiculous interest rate. But if you can pay it off. Go for it!

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